Beach at the Velassaru resort Maldives

Welcome to the Maldives

Welcome to our private website about our visit to the Velassaru resort in the Maldives. We’re not linked to or endorsed by the Velassaru resort.

This exclusive 5 star hotel resort in the Indian Ocean is reachable by just 25 minutes in a speed boat from the airport island, next to the capital of the Maldives, Malé. The Maldives is truly paradise on earth.

Enhanced photos?

I’m sure you all believe some photos you have seen from the Maldives have been edited in Photoshop or other image enhancement software, to get the vivid colours of the water and sharp white contrast of the beach; but that’s not necessary for the Maldives. Of course some photos are edited to make the photo a better representation of what it looks like in real life. However, the ocean really is as beautiful as it looks on the photos, and often even more beautiful in reality. The sky often looks darker on the photos than they are in real life, due to the contrast to the extremely bright beach and full range of light to dark turquoise water.


We have setup this website as we want to share our trip to the Maldives with all our friends, family or whoever has the means and time to travel to the Maldives and the Indian ocean. You should consider going at least once. Just be prepared that all other places you have ever visited or will visit in the future, for the sun or the water won’t be the same. Nothing compares to a visit in the Maldives and everything else is just a weak substitute (at least for relaxing, sun and water).

Here on we share our experience from the Velassaru with you…

If you want to get some hints from our experience you’re welcome to read our news posts.

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